Every product is unique and requires flexible protective packaging solutions. To protect your merchandise during the shipping journey, we offer a variety of protective packaging options, including paper cushioning, foam packaging, air cushions, and loose fill.

Paper Cushioning

Paper cushioning is perfect for protecting products from impact shock as well as bracing goods against damage caused in transit. It provides protection for a wide range of products, from the small and delicate to the large and bulky.

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The innovatively shaped paper cushioning allows for optimal stability and protection with a limited amount of materials and a reduced shipping weight. During the packing process, paper cushioning also saves valuable storage space when used in conjunction with one of our packing stations.

Foam Packaging

Foam packaging is a high-quality protective solution that molds to the contours of your goods for a custom fit. It protects products against transport damage and impact shock, and it can be used for goods of all shapes and sizes. Made from expanded polyurethane, foam packaging is both sturdy and light weight to help reduce shipping costs.

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Foam packaging is made from polyurethane and is available in a variety of different strengths to suit your product’s needs. When integrated into one of the packing stations, the on-demand foam packaging can be dispensed directly into each product’s carton at the time of packaging.

Air Cushions

Air cushions are the perfect solution for protecting delicate products from vibration during shipping, filling empty spaces, and bracing goods in their carton. They come in a range of film types and cushioning shapes to help protect your unique products.

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The versatile air cushions system saves valuable storage space and adapts to your packing needs. The system can be an integrated part of your packing station or used separately for smaller packaging demands.

Loose Fill

Loose fill provides efficient, safe, and comprehensive protection for your products. It braces goods in their cartons, fills empty spaces, and is remarkably resistant to impact shock and high pressure.

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Loose fill comes in the form of packing chips made from temperature- and water-resistant Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) and from compostable plant starch. It also comes in the form of filler beads to fill your products. All loose fill is anti-static and pourable, making it ideal for automated packaging lines.

Packing Stations

Packing stations offer efficient processing and comfortable workflow for your employees. Each workstation is customizable to fit your packaging needs, and the ergonomic design of the packing stations reduces unnecessary movements.

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You can tailor the layout of a packing station to match your custom packaging requirements. Packing stations provide seamless integration for any of your protective packaging solutions, including paper cushioning, foam packaging, air cushions, and loose fill.