Customer Service

Advance Paper Systems has highly trained customer service agents prepared to answer your questions regarding stock and custom packaging. APS offers polite, diligent, and knowledgeable representatives to ensure customer satisfaction.

By providing this complimentary service, we enable our customers more time for their own daily business needs. Our customer service agents are available from 7:30am to 5:00pm daily. Orders can be placed by using phone, fax, or email to give customers flexibility within their normal operating procedures

Delivery Service

Advance Paper Systems operates and maintains its own fleet of delivery trucks prepared for our customers' needs. Our next day complete delivery service is an industry model. For customers who are not local to us, we do offer UPS shipping.

We also offer a true Just-In-Time delivery service. We, at APS, make a careful and conscious effort to serve our customers and their unique needs. Our ability to expedite orders from shipping has separated APS from the competition as the leader in service excellence.

Customers are also allowed to will-call any of their items at their request. Will-called items that are in stock will be ready for pick up the same day you order it.

Quality Products

Quality products are the cornerstones by which APS serves our customers. We carefully qualify any prospective suppliers to ensure our customers a superior product. APS has a quality team who collectively evaluate all products and their market functionality.

All machinery that we provide to our customers have had a proven track record of reliability and cost efficiency. If a machine does break, APS can help you diagnose the problem as well as fix it. We stand by all machinery sold to our customers.

This constant testing approach keeps APS at the forefront of product superiority. Our quality team also negotiates with vendors to reduce costs for the best available products to provide to our customers.

APS recognizes that only by offering a complete package of services can we provide our customers with truly exceptional service.

Sales Professionalism

Advance Paper Systems has sales professionals with a thorough understanding of industrial packaging. APS sales personnel possess an extensive comprehension of their own customers and their individual needs. We strive to provide our customers with all of the help that they require.

Our sales professionals are trained to assist customers with their complete packaging requirements. From custom designed packaging to stock shipping containers we give our customers the tools to fulfill their packaging requirements. We can also guide our customers to find the most economical way to ship their product.